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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

PaSRBA Results

Wow, it was an incredible weekend. I went up to PA with Lisa and Fayth of Sugarplum Bunnies, Brenda and Paige of Narrow Gate Farm and Hilary of Musical Bunnies. Yeah- we were PACKED in there! :).

We got up to PA Friday afternoon and got set up. We entered for Saturday and then went back to the hotel (after grabbing a quick dinner) to crash.

We woke to very icy roads. PA Convention has had bad weather for the past two years, but this year was much less traumatic than last year. We had a one hour delay and some folks ended up not coming who had hope to make it. There were a few wrecks, but thankfully most folks made it safely to the showroom.

I was thrilled to see my buddies from Rabbits of Harvest Moon in PA this year! I got to see lots of folks I don't often see and I loved it. I was also able to really hang out with some of the folks I only see on a national level. Yay!

Show A unfolded and RHM won BOB with their gorgeous tort doe and Keep's Poplar took BOSB! I was VERY pleased. Keep's Tryon took BOSG and Epiphany took middle of the class- she was VERY interested in being bred and was doing hydraulyics every time the judge touched her.

The specialty show was a good one- I am having trouble remembering my placements in it, though I know Tryon won his class and... BOSG I believe. Epiphany was showing herself off again, so I had to breed her in hopes that the next day she'd have calmed down.

On the second day, Epiphany kept her butt to the ground and took a second place in the first show. Cairo beat out his daddy for the class and then won either group or opposite- I don't remember exactly. :D I'm tired. Poplar did well- again, don't exactly remember. :D.

In the specialty, Poplar won his class, Epiphany took another second, Tryon won Group and he nearly pulled off a BOB win- he had the judge absolutely enthralled with his goofy personality. The little suck up even tried giving her kisses.

We hit the road around 4ish. Things were going along great until around 5:30ish when we started having car problems. To make an already long story a little shorter- we broke down on the side of the highway in PA!

Luckily, we all worked together really well, forming plans, getting things set in motion and around 7 or so we found ourselves in a nearby Best Western, waiting on two of the husbands to come up. Travis, Brenda's husband, came to work on the car. Kris, who belongs to Hilary, had to come pick her (and bunnies) up so she could get to work Monday morning and do payroll. Blah!

We had a good time in the hotel, spending time by the pool, watching the super bowl half time show and even catching a tiny nap. The men arrived around 2:30am and wouldn't you know it- Travis fired the car right up. He suspected vapor lock (among other things) and it being allowed to sit for so long sorted it right out. We all crashed back in to bed and at 7:30 Monday morning, jumped up, packed up and headed home!

I arrived home around 4pm on Monday. I got the bunnies settled in and jumped straight in to a hot bath.

It was exhausting, but overall it was a very fun trip.

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washrabbit said...

It was good seeing you and catching up last weekend. Loved our stories :) Congrats on your wins. Sorry you had problems getting home. Glad it worked out ok. I think you should come to Columbus. I'm sure Brenda is coming up this way. lol

Keep said...

I loved getting to see you again too! :D We crack me up ROFL! I'm sure Brenda is going to Ohio- maybe I should start a fund to help me visit rabbit shows? "Donate to the Keep wants to go to OH and can't afford it" Fund!

washrabbit said...