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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tractor Supply and Purina

I had printed my Purina coupon and drove up to the nearest TSC to get myself a few discounted bags of rabbit feed.

When we got there, much to my surprise, there was ONLY Purina "Green Bag"- the pet feed. After a 10 minute wait for an associate (I hate TSC so much, you'd think they could bother to employ people who GAVE A CRAP about their jobs...), we find out that Green Bag is the only thing they carry. Not only that, they have no idea if they will ever carry any of the other feed. Gee, that's helpful.

So, it was a wasted trip up there, a waste of printer ink to print the coupon, and a waste of my time thinking TSC could be anything more than useless.

I'm a little irritated. I don't understand the rational- they carry Manna Pro show feeds. Why not carry Purina too? Obviously they know about the Show Breeder Market.


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April said...

I've pretty much given up on shopping at TSC unless my local feedstore doesn't carry what I need. The nearest TSC is 45 minutes from my house and their products are pretty over priced.

DevonGlen Rabbitry said...

Ugh TSC is a huge PITA! The stopped carrying Tiz Whiz because they figured it was "too expensive" for us buying it. I think everyone who bought it didn't care how much it costs because it was the best feed you could ever lay eyes on.

...my word verification has 'turd' in it I think blogspot agrees with TSC being a piece of crap.