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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shipping Out

I had an interesting experience yesterday! We got up at 3:45am to head to the airport to ship out some bunnies to California!

Yep, Keep's bunnies are now officially coast to coast hehe.

It was a huge mess, the airport didn't do the paperwork and didn't have a knowledgeable person checking in the cargo. In the end though, after an hour and a half of waiting and fussing, we got them ready to get on the plane- with a whole 19 minutes to spare!

After getting them on the plane, Tim and I came home to crash for a little while. Then came the next scary part- hoping everyone made it safely! They did though, and the new owner seems to be pleased with her shipment!

I hope they do really well for you Katie!

Keep's Rabbitry


Kagee Rabbitry said...

The bunnies are doing well. All the owners on this side of the coast are happy. Thanks Keeeeeeep! VERY PLEASED! :)

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Congratulations on this successful shipment. We learn something all the time and I am sure this experience is a very valuable one....

Keep bunnies are going places now! WOW!