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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Oh man, it's getting cold here! I feel bad for the poor half naked woolies like Forest- it's 43 degrees here, with a windchill of 37. The weather forecast is calling for snow in higher elevations- yet he is sporting a newly molted and yet to start growing back coat. BRR.

It seems like we've skipped fall this year. Fall and Spring are my favorite times to have bunnies- you don't have to worry as much about high temps or young babies in the freezing cold. Water bottles don't freeze either. You can pick up leaves for munchy toys, or fresh greens for the bunnies.

The winter though- fresh greens have to be purchased at outrageous prices. Water bottles get frozen, babies have higher chances of ending up as "kitcicles"... it can be a really miserable experience getting out there to feed and water.


Oh well, the seasons aren't going to stop changing just for us bunny breeders!

Keep's Rabbitry


~Kayla said...

Hi. Can you give leafs to bunnies? Are there any kind you cant give them?

Keep said...

You can definitely give leaves to bunnies. I try to give the well dried ones from oak or maple, just as a personal preference :).