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Monday, March 25, 2013


The NCRBA State Show was this weekend- and wow, what a weekend.

To start it off, Saturday in Show A Joni finally was awarded her very first wooly Best of Breed! AND she got Best Opposite of Breed with another homebred.  I have to say, I was shocked that there were no tears.  I probably would have cried- she's worked so long and hard for the "big one" and to get it at a state show out of 70 woolies....sweet! :)

As we were waiting on results of Show A, the Youth President and Vice President handed Kitty Lynch and me a lovely red rose and a card.  How sweet are they?

"Thanks so much, you were more than kind.  People like you aren't easy to find"
In Show B, we were finally able to beat Joni.  Keep's Catching Fire was awarded Best of Breed.  Helen McKie took BOSB.  It was so funny, as the two does the judges were debating between were a shaded doe (mine) and an agouti doe (Helen's).  The BOSB debate was over a shaded buck (mine) and an agouti buck (Helen's).  It makes you feel really good to know that you're producing animals that are so similar to others you are admiring as you watch the judging.
Keep's Catching Fire

Joni and I helped grade youth royalty tests for a few hours.  It is amazing the knowledge the kids have!

On the second day, I woke up feeling fairly terrible, a theme that continued through out the day.  Joni won her second BOB in Show C, proving that when it rains, it pours (good things, in the case.)  Tresia took BOSB.  In show D, which occurred quickly on the heels of Show C, things went a little differently.   Keep's Tequila Mockingbird took BOB, and Deidre took BOSB.

Keep's Tequila Mockingbird
I felt so terrible that I didn't stay for BIS judging on the second day.  I wish I had, but you know- you do what you can do and I think I made the right decision.

It was a wonderful show overall, as it usually is. Keep's Cold Shoulder picked up a few junior legs (he won several group or opposite wins), while Troublemaker and Poplar padded their leg count.  Keep's Merlin, a little black junior buck was raved over, as was Keep's Vodka, a shaded junior doe.  I can't wait to see them as seniors.

I wasn't able to show as many rabbits as I would have liked (mostly juniors) because of the costs of entries ($4 each and there were 4 shows!), but there wasn't a single rabbit I felt that I should have left home of the ones I brought- I call that a success :).



SmithGang said...

Totally off subject but with our rabbitry we are noticing first time momas either eat them or ignore the babies till they die ...why is this? It just breaks my heart.

Keep said...

Oh no, I hate to hear that! If you'll drop me an email at enslavedbybunnies @ hotmail . com I'd love to ask you some questions and see if we can figure this out!