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Monday, March 18, 2013

Baby Bunny time

I am pleased to announce we had some successful litters this weekend!  Of four does bred, Keep's Rumor kindled one broken black and Keep's KKA kindled 4 healthy shadeds.  Keep's Cat Call kindled four of her own, but unfortunately chose to build her nest in the corner opposite of her nestbox.  While she pulled a ton of wool, the babies unfortunately didn't make it.

I am still waiting on Keep's Pakhet, who I suspect was the only one of the first round to miss.

Due any day now is Keep's Love Song, Keep's Puzzle, Lyle Creek's Violet and Keep's Tequila Mockingbird.    Love Song, Violet and Tequila are all first timers. 

I am hoping someone else kindles! I'd very much like to foster Rumor's baby off, but don't want to give it to KKA, who has four of her own and is a first timer as well.  Likewise, I'd rather not take one of KKA's kits and give to Rumor, since I am planning on moving her out soon and would like to breed her to someone else, rather than spend the next 2 months watching her raise a singleton, or having her work as a foster mother.


I just found out from Tim that Keep's Puzzle kindled today! Hooray! Tim thinks she has two, and if that is the case, I can easily foster Rumor's singleton to Puzzle!

Now just waiting on the other ladies :).


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SmithGang said...

Congrats, what a blessing of babies.