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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snickers does it just to freak me out.

I wrote on the calendar that Snickers (who is on loan from Joni) was due on Tuesday, June 26th.  Joni couldn't figure out how that was possible based on the show I picked her up from.  I always mark on the calendar that they are due a day early, just to make sure I have a nestbox in place and that made a little sense to both of us.

Then I find on my notepad file on the computer that I typed in she was due next Tuesday, July 3rd.  That made a whole lot more sense to both of us, especially since I remembered waiting a few days to breed her.  Regardless, she's had her nestbox since Saturday, June 22nd. She pulled a hunk of hair or two to show she was willing to use it, but only when she was ready.

I go out to feed today and find a lucky four leaf clover. As I was marveling over it and showing Tim, I glanced up to see Snickers had completely filled her nestbox with wool!  I stuck a hand in and sure enough- three babies! Two perfects and a peanut. 

She went either two days late of the least likely due date or three days before the most likely due date.  I guess we'll never know. The perfects are a black and a shaded baby, both will carry nonextension because Snickers is a tort.  Squee :).

I went on and gave the other three does due the first few days of July their nestboxes.  I don't want anyone else going early and catching me unprepared! Thankfully she got her box so early, otherwise I'd have found babies on the wire and that would have definitely ruined my day.


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