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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do I regret it?

I've had folks ask before if I ever regret getting in to rabbits.

Whoa, a loaded question. I regret parts. I regret that the rabbits have caused us trouble when we first got married and were looking for a house to rent. I regret that it caused so much trouble with the previous churches and their dislike of anything that might make us happy.

I regret that I spend so much money on them. Between feed, their new barn, the electricity for the barn, cages, accessories, show entries, etc- rabbits are very expensive.

I regret that it's hard to go on vacation because we have to find someone trustworthy to take care of the animals I've invested so much in.

In my darkest times, when babies die, when I'm exhausted and have to go out in the cold rain to feed and water- I do regret getting in to rabbits.

However. The thrill of a win, the excitement of a new litter, watching babies grow in to gorgeous adults... that's incredible.

I think about the friends I've made in doing rabbits. Folks that are local, folks that are North, are South, are far to the west, are in other countries- and that's incredible.

I think about living in our previous area and the ONLY THING WE HAD was the rabbits. Our excuse to get away, to see friends, to win little victories in the struggle of misery, when hateful people tried hard to push us down and ruin us- and it's incredible.

I feel like the rabbits have cost us some convenience and some money we'd have just blown in other ways- more tv channels or eating out more. They've given me back so much more though.

I don't regret getting in to rabbits. I hope I am able to stay in for the next 80 years or so.

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Breezy said...

This is amazing. :) And a lot of us are right there with ya lady. lol

Whitney said...

You're a champ Keep! I hope to be reading this blog when I'm 80 too!

Yusof Zaki said...

I share the same stand.