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Monday, May 27, 2013

New Beginnings

On May 26th, Keep's Cat Call gave me five beautiful babies!  Cat Call is a sable point and the sire, Keep's Bump It Up, is a siamese sable.  I'm thinking that four of the five a sable points! Eeeek!  Cat Call did a fantastic job with her nest this time, I think she finally has it figured out.

Today, Sky's Eve kindled some lovely little Florida White babies.  Eve is an excellent mother and I know she'll take great care of her babies.  I was tickled that she had them on our anniversary!

The last new beginning at Keep's rabbitry comes for a little buckling.   Coco Puff went to his new home today, where he will be living very happily with a little girl who has done her research and waited patiently for the perfect little bunny to come her way.  Coco is going to be absolutely spoiled rotten.

It has been a day of new beginnings all around.  More beautiful babies to enjoy and saying goodbye to one little guy who is starting his new life as a loved pet.


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