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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Babies!

Hopefully the baby boom has begun at Keep's Rabbitry (yes, I know- I already have a lot..now I have more.)

Keep's Muse kindled two beautiful little black babies this morning! There was a third that didn't make it, it looked like she had trouble with him.

Southland's Snickers was pulling wool like crazy when I left.  She tanked her last litter, so I am anxiously awaiting the moment I can go home and check on her.

Keep's Catching Fire has made a lovely nest on the wire, while Keep's Tequila Mockingbird and Lyle Creek's Violet haven't done much of anything.

Keep's Dove missed this round of breeding.  For some reason she went completely off feed and has brought herself nearly to the brink of starvation before I was able to tempt her in to eating again.  Needless to say, she didn't have the extra calories needed for an unborn litter to grow.  I'm just thankful she is eating again.  Hopefully in a few weeks we can try her again.

Southland's Snickers kindled two dead babies this afternoon and one live kit.  She pulled a ton of wool and has done a great job caring for her singleton, but I made the decision to foster her kit over to the Florida White litter.  This chunky butt kit is almost as large as the day-older Florida White kits, so I think they will be fine.

Keep's Muse ended up passing another elongated kit.  I noticed she hadn't eaten (or scratched out her feed), which is unusual for her.  It's a relief to see she passed her baby, hopefully she's done now.  I checked her litter and one of the little kits had wool tangled around it's foot and stuck to it's butt.  I made sure to untangle the baby and clean up it's rear.  Leaving the wool wrapped around it's foot could have led to the circulation being cut off and the baby losing a foot- or even led to it's death.  It's really important to check over the babies in any wool breed, as the wool can get tangled.

I added Snickers's considerable pulled wool from her now-empty-next to Muse's nestbox- no point in letting it go to waste and it will help keep the two small babies warm as the weather cools off again.


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