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Keep's Panda- Broken Black Senior Buck- 19 legs
3rd place Jr. Buck at 2010 ARBA Convention!
8th place Sr. Buck at 2011 ARBA Convention!
RIS- 11/12/11

2nd place 2012 JW Nationals

 Keep's Outlaw- Siamese Sable Senior Buck- 1 leg
Outlaw is a young senior buck, pictured as he tries to grow in his big boy coat.

Keep's Orion- Broken Senior Buck- 5+ legs
Orion looks just like his daddy Panda on the show table- even I have had trouble telling these two apart at times.

Keep's Tribute- Shaded Sr. Buck- 12 legs
4th place Sr. Buck- 2011 ARBA Convention
Keep's Tribute was my last Tryon buck ever born and I'm so lucky to have him-
he reminds me so much of his sire.
Keep's Poplar- REW Sr. Buck- 26 legs
This guy is part total attitude and part absolute love bug. Not only is he a gorgeous buck, he demands your attention on the show table.